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  • By Dan Kalma Photography www.kalma.com.au

Myra Beige Limestone

Size: Multiple Formats Available
Finishes Available: Honed & Tumbled
Recommended Sealer: Dryreat Stain Proof, Drytreat 40SK
Available Slip Resistance: Any specification available with grip guard warranted system

Other information:
Density 2.48t per m3
FOB Pricing Available

❖ Recommended Sealer & Skimmer Lids (for pools)

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TUMBLED 406x406x30 610x406x30

Myra Limestone is a famous quarry in Turkey that produces one of the most elegant and subtle limestones. This stone is soft to the touch yet still dense and suitable for swimming pools. The rare beauty of Myra offers endless application in projects that require elegance and subtle tones.