• Ezarri Pool Mosaic tiles by Europe Imports
  • By Dan Kalma Photography www.kalma.com.au
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  • Niebla 2560-A



2560-A, from the Niebla collection, is a mosaic in hazy colours specially
designed for cladding interiors, swimming pools, spas, saunas and wellness spaces.


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Niebla 2560-A Safe Step – P4 Rated As 4586-2013

Niebla 2560-A, this mosaic is with the Safe-Steps system, an extremely safe non-coarse, anti-slip mosaic, designed to be as safe to walk on as a pavement. Anti-slip mosaic for swimming pools, bathrooms, built-in showers, spas and wellness spaces. Safety or beauty? There’s no need to choose.


Special Pieces

With the same texture as our non-slip mosaics, our Corner and Cove pieces create a premium finish for your project. They are perfect for finishing off the corners of steps, pool edges and

transitions between floors and vertical walls.

JointPoint System


Maximum grip surface 92% of the mosaic’s surface is free for applying the adhesive. Durability guarantee.
Ease of installation. 25% time saving compared with the paper-based panelling system.
Excellent finishes. Thanks to the ease of installation and visual control for tile placement.
Not affected by moisture. Does not expand or contract like mesh or paper-based panelling systems.
Exclusive jointpoint adhesive formula jointpoint provides the perfect combination of malleability and stiffness. It is flexible and easy to cut.
Even the smallest area is uniform and controllable. Jointpoint has minimal thickness and is very uniform and controllable.