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Rocky Grigio

A combination of high density, low porosity and low water absorption makes porcelain an excellent choice for high traffic areas subject to stains, chemicals and harsh treatment such as swimming pools and outdoor kitchens. Because 2cm porcelain is designed for outdoor use, it also has an anti-slip finish applied which creates a safe atmosphere in wet environments.



❖ Recommended Sealer & Skimmer Lids (for pools)

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CLICK HERE  to download installations procedures for all drop edge laminated– porcelain or natural stone

Europe Imports are able to supply 2cm porcelain suitable for domestic or commercial application in various formats including an array of profile solutions such as custom rebates, bullnose and pencil round for swimming pool coping. 2cm Porcelain tiles can be installed over many different surfaces using traditional installation techniques but due to the extremely high point of load capacity guaranteeing an excellent load-bearing capacity and resistance to breakage, the 2cm porcelain can also be installed using the latest pedestal technology. The pedestal system enables the installer to hide water, gas or electrical services without permanent installation of the tiles. This offers the ability to access the services, provide for excellent drainage and also offer the ability to easily replace the tiles in the event of a refurbishment.