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The correct tile has the power to elevate your pool design to the next level, and turn it into a stunning display. Aquarelle by Ezarri is a great choice.

Aquarelle is a collection of soft, anti-slip textures, relaxing forms, and a wide range of matte tones that bring us, and our homes, closer to the lovely lines, tones and colours of nature. The natural watercolour appearance of the Aquarelle range will make you feel like you’re stepping into an impressionist work of art. It’s the perfect combination of traditional and contemporary.

Ezarri made this “dream to real” collection with noticeable strokes, rims, blots and patterns arranged randomly as they are applied to the mosaic, creating an original composition of unique shapes.

In addition to providing a natural and aquatic sense, we guarantee that this collection is durable. This is attributable to the high quality of the materials, cutting-edge production technology, and our patented JointPoint panelling system.

The nature-inclined Aquarelle collection offers 12 patterns and designs that have the power to transform any pool or home decor project on your horizon. 

A special collection carefully crafted with the aura of nature and water. Just the right amount of glitz and balanced, chromatic matte tones, makes the Aquarelle collection a must-have in your arsenal of tile ideas. 

Browse the Aquarelle collection and envision how it will transform your pool, or home decor project, into a luxurious and relaxing home centre-piece.

Contact us today about this or any other of our beautiful Ezarri tiles available exclusively through Europe Imports.