Ezarri swimming pool mosaics: water in its most beautiful state.

Thanks to the wide range of colours, sizes and textures of Ezarri´s mosaics, you can create the exact effect that you want for your pool.

Glass mosaics reflect the water’s natural beauty like no other material. There are able to adapt to curved surfaces, they there are resistant and beautiful, it´s a pure, clean and elegant mosaic..

Zen Dolerite
Zen Ash (Pool) & Zen Phyllite (Spa)
Space Capricorn
Zen Pale Cherry
Space Taurus

Australian Designer Black Russian
Niebla 2522-A
Niebla 2560-A
Space Capricorn

Niebla 2508-A
Niebla 2505-A
Baby Blue
Cocktail Alexander

Iris Azur
Australian Designer White Russian
Australian Designer Manly
Space Capricorn

Australian Designer Tourmaline
Australian Designer Black Russian
Iris Marfil
Iris Ocean

Space Capricorn
Niebla 2508-A & Cocktail Gin Fizz
Space Taurus – PDS Shale Grey
Dry Martini
Iris Ocean
Zen Phyllite
Zen Makauba
Niebla 2508-A – PDS Silver Travertine
Aus. Designer Harbour – PDS Silver Travertine
Metallica Oxido & Kir Royal
Aus. Designer Emerald
Zen Dolerite
Aus. Designer Honolulu – PDS Premium Silver Travertine
Iris Coral
Aus. Designer Emerald
Niebla 2562-B
Zen Dolerite
Black Russian
Zen Dolerite – PDS Shale Grey
Space Sagittarius & Cocktail Bluemoon
Iris Coral – PDS Silver Travertine
Space Capricorn
Niebla 2505 – PDS Cakmak Premium Travertine
White Russian – PDS Kansas Grey
Niebla 2502-A
Niebla 2508-A – PDS Beton Cement
Niebla 2512-C
Iris Jade
Niebla 2512-C
Iris Mix Diamond
Metallica Esmeralda

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