Zen Carrara


Available Size: 25mm, 50mm
Ezarri Carrara, from the Zen collection, is a matte marbled mosaic specially designed for cladding interiors, swimming pools, spas, saunas and wellness spaces.

Ezarri’s Zen Collection focuses on the natural, the simply sophisticated, going back to basics where simple harmony and beauty reign. Designed in no hurry, the result is a collection of eighteen article references inspired by stone, marbles and woods, all with a natural matt texture, and with a range of tranquil colors.



The backing system that joins the tiles together on a sheet is as important a factor if not more important as the quality of the tile itself. The JointPoint® system on the Ezarri mosaics is one of the most trusted and safest backing systems on the market today.

Thanks to the wide range of colours, sizes and textures of Ezarri´s mosaics, you can create the exact effect that you want for your pool.


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