Fundo Riolito neo

wedi’s pre-sloped shower bases Riolito neo feature fully factory sealed and integrated linear drainage systems. The base itself is naturally waterproof as well as mold proof, due to its closed cell XPS foam core. The Riolito neo bases come with the wedi typical strong and ready for tiling surface coating. All Riolito neo shower bases can be field modified. They can be cut to size or extended using wedi’s pre-sloped Fundo extensions.




The integrated drain in Riolito neo ensures your installation is not exposed to the risk commonly associated with bonding flange design/surface waterproofing installation-type, single drain products. The unique wedi Fundo Riolito neo bases allow water to drain away through a narrow gap between their drains cover plate and the tile surface finish. wedi Fundo Riolito neo is always equipped with the drain unit but covers are ordered separately. Options for covers include a polished stainless steel version, a double plated brushed stainless steel version, and a tileable version.
Available in 4-way and 2-way or single slope designs with close to the wall drains, wedi Riolito neo features the industries only factory sealed drain for use in custom shower configurations. What is more, the Fundo Riolito neo is available in one piece shower base panels or as a modular system offering a separate drain module and an extension module to combine and configure custom layouts even easier.

Product Sizes

Order no. Designation External dimensions: W x L x H, Channel
75100016 Fundo Riolito, floor base, with channel drain, four-way slope 914 × 1524 × 51 mm
1100 mm
75100012 Fundo Riolito, floor base, with channel drain, four-way slope 1220 × 1524 × 63 mm
700 mm
75100014 Fundo Riolito, floor base, with channel drain, four-way slope 1220 × 1830 × 51 mm
1100 mm
75100015 Fundo Riolito, floor base, with channel drain, single-slope (one-way slope) 813 × 1830 × (63 – 34 mm)
700 mm
75100035 Fundo Riolito, floor base, with channel drain, two-way slope, drain 305 mm offset 813 × 1830 × 63 mm
700 mm

Areas of use Fundo Riolito neo

  • New Construction of Residential/Commercial use buildings
  • Renovation in Residential/Commercial use buildings
  • For barrier free or curbed installations
  • For customized or standard tiled showers
  • Over wooden or concrete substructures


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