The Ultimate Linear Drainage System

Our amazing clients have spoken and your team at Europe Imports have listened.

We are super proud and excited to bring you the ultimate drainage solution. No more customizing drains off site so saving you loads of time and money.

All the technical guff is in the brochure – built in fall to waste, marine grade anodised Aluminium, waterflow ratings, all the sizes and accessories are all detailed there. We can customize these brochures for your business too . We are here for you and more than happy to help at the drop of a hat.

The Benefits

Our Ultra Drain Base Channel‘s core fluted drain has revolutionised the traditional ways of manufacturing drain bases and with the smooth contours allows for the water to move smoothly and quickly to the point of discharge.

Installation Guide

Fully modular system and incredibly easy to install (little to no training required) with all the little bits and bobs you will ever need to customize to your requirements ON SITE.

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