Ezarri Glass Mosaics - Top 20 Colours

Ezarri is a leading company in the manufacturing of glass mosaics. Glass mosaics are available in a wide range of colours. From natural-looking tones to bold shades, each colour is sure to add some personality to your pools. 

Australian Designer White Russian

Deco Mix 2518-B

Iris Azur

Iris Coral

Iris Mix Diamond

Iris Ocean

Iris Perla

Ligero Baby Blue

Lisa 2545-A

Niebla 2502-A

Niebla 2505-A

Niebla 2508-A

Niebla 2510-A

Niebla 2512-C

Niebla 2521-B

Niebla 2522-B

Niebla 2560-A

Space Capricorn

Zen Dolerite