Ezarri is a leading company in the manufacturing of
glass mosaics.

With experience covering more than 30 years, Ezarri committed to a business project based on innovation, quality, service excellence and international expansion, all supported by a sustainable growth strategy.


Ezarri is the first glass mosaic company to obtain the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate. And in addition, we are committed to having 95% of the style references in stock, strictly meeting the delivery deadlines and processing the orders with a guarantee of success of 99.5%.

JointPoint® Panelling System

The best panelling system could only have been developed by Ezarri. Launched in 1992, it is a revolutionary system that has marked a before and after in the world of mosaics.

Its main advantages are maximum grip surface, ease of installation, excellent finishes and lack of sensitivity to moisture.

Guarantee & Authenticity

Ezarri Glass Mosaic Tiles are a trusted product around the world. Every order of Ezarri glass mosaic tiles comes with a “Guarantee of Quality and Authenticity “. We want you to be totally confident in your purchase of our beautiful tiles. Every guarantee is personally signed by the director of Europe Imports.

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