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Stone Cladding

Elevate your home or commercial space with our imported stone cladding, designed for timeless style and lasting performance.

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Managable, adaptable, easy cut, visual control

Pioneers in a unique, revolutionary and technologically advanced system since 1991. Developed by Ezarri, JointPoint® provides easy, uniform installation of mosaic tile on any surface.

Consider the Great Pyramid of Giza, its grandeur has withstood the test of time, much like stone cladding. As an architect or interior designer, you’re no stranger to the allure and longevity that stone cladding offers.

It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about choosing a material that can resist elements, insulate your space, and requires little maintenance. Now, think about how you can apply these benefits to your projects and the endless possibilities it opens up.

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Stone Cladding

When it comes to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your space, stone cladding, with its myriad of options in natural stone and porcelain tiles, becomes an integral part of your design scheme.

It’s not just about creating striking feature walls, it’s a way to bring a touch of nature indoors, offering a rustic yet sophisticated ambiance.

The styles are endless, from sleek and modern to rough and rustic, there’s a natural stone to suit your aesthetic preferences.

And don’t worry about the installation process. It’s easier to install it than you’d think, especially if you opt for panel systems designed for quick, easy installation.

Exterior & Interior Stone Wall Panels

When considering stone wall cladding, you’ll find that exterior and interior stone wall panels offer a host of benefits. Exterior stone wall cladding not only provides a robust and weather-resistant facade, but it also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home.

On the other hand, internal gallery feature walls can add a touch of elegance and timeless charm to your interior spaces, creating an impactful visual statement.

Exterior Stone Wall Cladding

Exploring the world of exterior stone wall cladding, you’ll find it’s a fantastic way to infuse both exterior and interior stone wall and panels with a timeless and natural aesthetic. Stone wall cladding comes in an array of colours and textures, offering you a wide range to choose from. Each piece is unique, enhancing the individuality and charm of your property.

From rustic to polished, the variety of textures can dramatically transform the look and feel of any space. You’ll also appreciate the versatility of stone cladding, as it’s suitable for both contemporary and traditional designs. Installation is straightforward and easy installation and can be completed by a professional to make sure a perfect result.

With stone wall cladding, your exterior walls will exude a natural elegance.

Internal Feature Walls

Exploring the realm of internal feature walls, you’ll discover that both exterior and interior stone wall cladding panels can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your indoor spaces. Stone wall cladding, filled with color variations, can transform your indoor environment, establishing a focal point on your feature walls or fireplaces. The cladding isn’t just about looks, it also provides a durable surface that’s easy to maintain.

Consider the texture and color variations of the stone wall cladding. These aspects can complement your interior design, creating a harmonious yet striking indoor ambiance. Whether you’re cladding a fireplace or creating an accent wall, the aesthetic and practical benefits are undeniable. Essentially, stone walls offer a timeless appeal that can enhance any indoor space.

Where to use Stone Wall Cladding

You may be wondering where stone wall cladding can be most effectively used. It’s versatile, enhancing both residential and commercial settings beautifully.

Think about adding a touch of sophistication to fireplaces or creating stunning water features – the possibilities are vast.


In residential settings, stone walling and cladding can transform various spaces, bringing a touch of nature indoors and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home. You can use stone walling to create stunning water features in your Melbourne residence, adding a serene, natural element to your space.

Stone cladding offers the highest quality, and durability, making it a wise investment for your home. It’s also incredibly versatile. You can use it in living rooms to create striking accent walls, in kitchens for a rustic backsplash, or in bathrooms for a spa-like feel.

Don’t limit it to interiors, stone cladding can also elevate your outdoor living spaces, from patios to poolsides. Explore your creativity with stone cladding in your residential spaces.


While stone cladding works wonders in residential spaces, it’s equally transformative in commercial settings, bringing natural beauty and durability to businesses of all kinds.

Consider its use in lobbies or conference rooms where first impressions guarantee. Stone cladding’s variety, from sleek marble to rustic limestone, offers a wealth of design possibilities. You can match your commercial interior to a specific aesthetic, enhancing the space and making it stand out.

The durability of stone also promises longevity, reducing the need for frequent renovations. Whether you’re revamping a restaurant, upgrading an office, or sprucing up a retail space, stone cladding is a stylish, practical choice. It’s a design enhancement that not only elevates the look of your business but also delivers long-term performance.


Stone wall cladding breathes new life into fireplaces, transforming them into stunning focal points with an organic, rustic charm. Your space can be enhanced as you create a distinct style to compliment your decor.

Choosing the right stone cladding is key. It should suit your taste and reflect the look you’re going for. With a variety of textures and colors, you can create a modern, sleek look or a rugged, traditional appeal.

Stone cladding not only adds aesthetic appeal to fireplaces, but also provides durability, making it a practical choice too.

Water Features

Beyond fireplaces, you’ll find that natural stone for wall cladding is also an excellent choice for water features, offering both beauty and durability in these moisture-rich environments. Natural stone’s matte tones and earthy atmosphere bring spaces closer to nature. This, combined with the high density and low water absorption of porcelain tiles, makes them ideal for damp areas.

Consider the Ezarri mosaic collection for a unique touch. With hundreds of style references and colours, you can create a customised pattern that enhances your water feature’s visual appeal. Complement these with specialised solutions tailored to your project needs.

Whether you’re looking to create a serene pond or a dynamic waterfall, stone cladding provides a durable, visually striking solution for your water features.

Stone Cladding Installation

When it comes to installing stone cladding, meticulous attention to detail is key to achieving a natural and aesthetically pleasing finish. Attaching the stone to your internal wall requires an understanding of the wall’s depth and structure to guarantee a sturdy and long-lasting installation.

The unique texture and color of the stone can greatly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your Sydney home, creating an inviting and warm atmosphere. It’s also important to choose the right type of stone that complements your home’s design and withstands the local climate conditions.

Shop Stone Cladding

Exploring the diverse range of stone cladding options can transform your space, providing a unique blend of nature’s charm and modern elegance.

When you shop stone cladding in Australia, you’ll find an extensive line of products designed to suit all styles and any aesthetic.

Visit our showroom gallery and you’ll find a variety of textures, colors, and finishes. Every detail is carefully curated to suit and help you achieve your vision, whether it’s rustic charm or sleek modernity.

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