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How to Prepare Your Home For Australia's Sweltering El Niño Summer

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What is El Niño?

An El Niño summer is on its way to Australia, but what does that really mean?

El Niño meaning “The Boy” in Spanish, is one-half of a naturally occurring climate phenomenon that disrupts global weather patterns.

The other half of this oscillating duo is called La Niña, and these two swing back and forth every three to seven years on average with neutral periods in between. The dance of El Niño and La Niña is irregular and unpredictable.

El Niño is caused by a weakening or reversal of the Trade Winds over the tropical Pacific Ocean. This results in above-average sea surface temperatures off the coast of Equatorial South America.

The whole phenomenon has a global knock-on effect and can cause extreme weather events.

What does El Niño mean for Australia?

El Niño brings hotter dryer weather to Australia, so we could be in for droughts, bushfires, extreme heat and heatwaves this coming summer.

It’s going to be a long hot one in Australia this year!

On a positive note, El Niño also means fewer tropical cyclones for Australia’s Northern regions.

How do I prepare my home for El Niño?

No matter where you live in Australia, it’s likely going to be a sweltering summer, but the good news is you’ve still got time to prepare.

These are our top tips for preparing your home for the coming summer:

1) Check all your cooling appliances are working properly.
Has your aircon been serviced recently? Are your fridges and freezers all in working order?

2) Stock up on necessary items such as food staples and medications, so that you don’t need to leave the house on particularly hot days.

3) Prepare your pool.

You will be incredibly thankful to own a clean, well-maintained pool this coming summer. There’s nothing like being able to cool off in your own private oasis whenever you please.

If you already have a pool, get informed on proper pool care for heatwaves. Higher temperatures and UV can affect your pool care.

If you don’t have a pool, now is a great time to consider installing one. The coming heatwave will be much easier to bear when you can seek relief in your own luxury pool.

Builders and Architects are Getting Ready for A Busy Season

With enquiries for new pool builds flooding in, pool builders and architects are gearing up for a busy period. Interestingly, the trends for this year are environmentally friendly pool designs featuring natural stone tiles and fully tiled pools.

With so many pool builds going on in preparation for an El Niño summer, it’s vitally important to secure your quality pool tiles and other materials early.

We speak to pool builders in Sydney & Queensland regularly, and they believe this is going to be one of their busiest seasons to date. If you’re planning to install a pool in time for the coming summer heatwave, the pool pros recommend getting in now.

Europe Imports Can Help You Create an Environmentally Friendly Pool

So, you’re inspired to install a gorgeous luxury pool in time for the coming Australian heatwave, and you’d love to have an environmentally friendly design. We can help.

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Europe Imports has been a quality tile imported for 19 years.

We work with architects, project & custom home builders, developers, pool builders, landscapers and retail tile stores throughout New South Wales and Queensland.

We have our finger squarely on the pulse of the industry.

 Here are our three pro tips for creating a luxury pool with an environmentally friendly design to keep you cool during the coming El Niño summer:

  1.  Choose environmentally conscious products. Ezarri Spanish Mosaic tiles are not only a visually stunning choice for your pool; they are also one of the most environmentally friendly products on the market. These stunning mosaic tiles are made of 100% recycled glass using 100% renewable energy.    A fully tiled Ezarri pool makes it easier to maintain a clean pool environment, meaning reduced chemical use, and less energy required to clean your pool. A win for heatwave pool care and a greener planet. Europe Imports holds exclusive national distribution rights to Ezarri Mosaics in Australia, and we’d be happy to walk you through our selection.
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2. Choose high-quality natural stone tiles for your pool surrounds.

Anything produced naturally is inherently more sustainable to manufacture. Not only does a natural stone pool surround look incredible, but it’s also a better choice for an environmentally friendly pool design.

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3. Choose the right pool builder for your project

Not all pool builders are created equal. If you want to create a stunning luxury pool that utilises sustainable materials and is built to a high standard, you’re going to need the right builder.

Europe Imports can help guide you to the right pool builders in your part of Australia. Get in contact with us today to discuss your luxury pool project.

If you’re preparing to install a pool in readiness for the coming El Niño summer, you’re going to need the best tile importer, the best pool builder, and the best environmentally friendly pool design to pull it off. Europe Imports would love to assist you so that you can spend the heatwave relaxing in your very own luxury pool.

Contact our friendly team today, or visit our showroom at Unit 1 360 Vardys Road Kings Park NSW 2148.