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JointPoint: How to Install Mosaic Tiles the Innovative Way

ezarri jointpoint

There’s nothing quite as opulent as a pool fully tiled with high-end glass mosaics. It’s one of the hottest trends in the luxury pool market.

As well as jaw-dropping good looks, a quality mosaic should last the lifetime of the pool.

Unfortunately, there are a few small but common issues that can ruin the aesthetics of a glamorous pool design and shorten the lifespan of the tiles. These issues stem from traditional mosaic adhesion and installment methods.

Luckily, there’s been an incredible technical innovation in mosaic installation that guarantees perfect, uniform mosaic tiling that lasts a lifetime.

The Problem With Traditional Mosaic Adhesion Methods

Traditionally mosaic tiles come attached to a mesh backing or lined with a paper facing. Mesh-backed tiles are laid with the mesh still attached to allow them to be laid in a series of panels. Paper-faced tiles are laid in a panel and once adhered the paper is removed.


Mesh-backed mosaics come with a few unique issues. The mesh only allows for a partial amount of tile surface area to come in contact with the adhesive. An  85% coverage for mesh-backed mosaics is considered quite high, most fall below this level. Issues with mesh-backed mosaics include:


  • Adhesion failure
  • Tiles becoming loose or falling off
  • Dilation of the mesh causing misalignments


Paper facing has been the preferred method of installation professionals, especially with pool mosaics; however, there are some installation and storage issues such as:


  • Poor placement during installation due to visibility issues.
  • Extra time spent removing paper and glue remains.
  • Tile wastage due to contact with moisture (paper is not water-resistant)

The Solution: A major leap forward in innovation

With architecture pushing the boundaries of pool design, an innovative solution needed to be found.

Enter Ezarri, a leading manufacturer and exporter of mosaic tiles. Ezarri has always set the bar high on both quality and innovation. They produce a range of stunning high-end mosaic tiles produced from 100% recycled glass, using 100% renewable energy. Who better to solve the mosaic adhesion problem?

In 1991 Ezarri developed a revolutionary technology called Jointpoint, that guarantees a perfect, uniform installation on any surface, and ensures a lifetime of strength and durability. Jointpoint connects a panel of mosaics with a durable and flexible technology that leaves 92% area of tile free for adhesion.

It’s an innovation that remains unsurpassed to this day.

Ezarri Gold Jointpoint

The Benefits of JointPoint

Jointpoint goes beyond solving the issues of traditional mosaic adhesion methods. It revolutionises the entire industry.

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” [QUOTE]

  • William A. Foster

The benefits are incredible and have allowed for the creativity of design to be lifted to a whole new level.

Jointpoint’s benefits include:

  • Maximum grip surface – Jointpoint allows for 92% of the surface of the mosaic to be free for applying glue, ensuring long-lasting durability.
  • Time saved – the technology makes installation a breeze, meaning a beautiful installation every time and huge time and labour savings on your project.
  • Extraordinary finishes – there is practically no chance of making a mistake during installation, so your project is guaranteed to look visually stunning.
Australian Designer Black Russian
  • Structurally sound – Jointpoint is moisture-proof so won’t suffer dilations or loosening of the panel if it comes into contact with water or humid conditions. You can rest assured that Jointpoint will remain unchanged during storage.
  • Easy handling – Jointpoint is the perfect balance of malleability and rigidity. It can be easily fixed to any surface, adapting to curves and corners, and is easy to handle and cut.

Where Do I Get JoinPoint From?

Europe Imports has the national distribution rights to Ezarri mosaics and their incredible Jointpoint technology.

Europe Imports managing partner and celebrated industry expert Carl Yench says, “To choose Ezarri, is to choose quality.”

This year we were recognised with the prestigious Innovative Product Award at SPASA in Queensland and New South Wales for Ezarri’s Jointpoint System, and year after year we’ve witnessed the unbelievable results that this technology makes possible.

Our team are experts on the use of Jointpoint and would love to talk to you about using Ezarri and Jointpoint on your next project. Contact us today!