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The Hunt For The Best Limestone Tiles On Earth

Aria Limestone 2

We embarked on a journey to find the highest quality limestone tiles available to the market. You’ll never guess where the story ends!

The Search for the Perfect Limestone Tile

Here at Europe Imports, we set ourselves the lofty goal of being Australia’s best tile importer. We only import the finest quality tiles to be distributed to the Australian market.

No exceptions.

So, when it came to selecting a range of limestone tiles, we set the bar high.

They had to be durable – performance is key.
They had to be beautiful – we were after a unique appeal, something truly special.
They had to be of exceptional quality – they had to consistently meet our exacting standards.

During his travels, Carl Yench, Europe Import’s managing partner discovered some outstanding natural stone in Turkey.

Aria Limestone 2

Favoured by architects and master builders the world over, Turkish Limestone is unique.
Its stunning white tones and incredible consistency make it a highly coveted construction material.

We’d found our source country, but Carl still had to sift through the producers to find the best of the best.

Plot Twist - The Quarry

Carl explored some of the local quarries looking for the best stone. He even had the honour of visiting Turkey’s largest quarry, spanning over 50 square kilometres, and he was awe-struck by the magnitude of the operation. Huge machines looked like ants all working together to move huge blocks of stone.

This moment was profound. Carl was struck by the importance of sustainable extraction, and the responsibility that comes with safeguarding those values.
The answer was clear; Europe Imports needed to take the pursuit of perfection one step further. We needed to become the producers.

The result: We formed a local partnership and commissioned a quarry that focuses on sustainable extraction and high-end production. We aim to strike the perfect balance between architectural ambition and environmental stewardship.

Europe Imports now produce, export and sell an outstanding product called Aria Limestone, extracted from our Turkish quarry. It’s an extraordinary stone with a sand-brushed finish in a soft, warm, grey with stunning champagne undertones.
Aria Limestone is a labour of love.

Aria Limestone 4

In fact, the opening of the new quarry was a nostalgic moment for Carl. It brought back memories of his childhood in Queensland, where his father opened and operated a sapphire lease. Carl had watched the raw blocks being extracted from the mountain using basic machinery and good old-fashioned ingenuity. Each phase of the operation was tactically discussed to ensure the highest quality product with the lowest impact on the natural environment. These principles and insights have been invaluable in establishing Europe Imports’ Turkish quarry.

Getting your Hands on our Exclusive Aria Limestone

Aria Limestone is a jaw-droppingly gorgeous outdoor tile that will be a point of difference in your next project.

Sustainable stone, steeped in story.

Aria Limestone blog

Europe Imports has exclusive worldwide distribution rights to Aria Limestone. You cannot source this exceptional stone from anywhere else on the planet.

Our team would be thrilled to help you get your hands on Aria. We’re eager to share our product with lovers of quality, so contact us today or drop into our showroom at Unit 1 360 Vardys Road Kings Park NSW 2148.