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This is a common question for any person who is in the process of choosing the colour of their mosaic.

The water´s colour is not going to be determined solely by the colour of the glass mosaic chosen; there are other factors that have an influence, such as the water’s depth, the amount of light at the place where the pool is located, the surroundings, if it is an indoor or an outdoor pool and the type of lighting used.

The more volume of water there is and the deeper it is, the bluer the swimming pool will tend to look. Sunlight is also a crucial factor: the more light there is, the clearer the water will look. Meanwhile, less light will darken the water. If the pool is surrounded by plants, it will look greener and darker, and if the surrounding landscape is desert like, the water will look clearer.

Taking into account the factors mentioned above, we are going to provide you with a series of guidelines so that your choice of mosaic is a success.

Mosaics in Shades of White

White mosaics, such as Carrara, Perla, Diamond and 2545-a will yield light, sky-blue water tones.

Australian Designer White Russian
Australian Designer White Russian

Mosaics in Shades of Beige and Rose-Coloured Mosaics

Perfect for obtaining green shades of water ranging from light to dark depending on the colour of the mosaic.

The style references we would be talking about would be, for example: Marfil, Arena, Nacar, Sandstone, Creamstone, 2514-b, 2576-, 2596 and 2597.

Zen Pale Cherry
Zen Pale Cherry

Light Blue-Green Mosaics

Our blue-green colours with style references such as Azur, Sky, 2521-b, 2508-a, 2518-b and 2529-b tend to yield a light, turquoise blue colour.

Iris Azur

Blue Mosaics

All our blue style references such as Ocean, Zafiro, Blue Lagoon, 2505-a and 2503-d yield a water colour that ranges from light blue (for lighter mosaic shades) to intense blue (for darker mosaic shades).

Iris Zafiro
  • Iris Ocean

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  • Iris Zafiro

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  • NIEBLA 2503-D

  • Space Sagittarius

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Mosaics in Shades of Grey

If the mosaic´s colour is grey –such as Inox, Cuarzo, Stone, 2660-a and 2522-b– the water will tend to have greyish-green colours mixed into it.

Zen Fior di Bosco

Mosaics in Shades of Iridescent Black and Dark Green

References like Ebano, 2502, Capricorn and Lava yield a natural water style and colour that is similar to that of a high-mountain river or lake.

Space Capricorn