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Why Fully Tile Your Pool?

Zen Bali 6


 A fully tiled Pool will always have that pristine glamorous lux look, compared to a rendered pool.

Colour Fast

No fade or loss of colour for the entire life of the pool, “Ezarri Guaranteed”.

Save Time

100% easier to look after & maintain a healthy swimming environment, without alot of chemicals in a fully tiled Ezarri Glass mosaic pool.

Save Money

Total cost of ownership < bead/render finishes, compared to the life of a fully tiled pool (30 plus years).


Safe Step range available for steps & ledgers. Perfectly smooth with rounded edges – much softer on your feet & hands.


Create your own unique special custom mix with the online mix generator.

Other benefits include:

Cost effective contemporary tile options.
Environmental 100% recycled glass.
Endless pool colour options – over 300 mosaics
Increased resale for discerning property buyers.
Doesn’t rip your cozzies.